Happy 4th of July!  Happy Summer! Happy Canada Day (3 days late)! I know, it’s been awhile.  I haven’t had a desire to write here much since I’m not training for anything right now.  Perhaps I’ll get back to more regular writing towards the end of August when marathon training kicks off in earnest.

In the meantime, here are some quick recaps of June:

RunningI ran 111 miles in June, which made it my lowest mileage month in over  a year.  I definitely didn’t intend to decrease my mileage so much but I think it was a good idea for my longer term goals.  My body (and mind) needed a break.  In July I want to run more than 111 miles but mainly focus on getting regular strength and injury prevention work back into my schedule.  I have really, really been slacking in these areas recently and have gotten by because I’m running less.  However, I want to try to establish some better habits before return to training and higher mileage.

Speaking of marathon training, I’m using this plan as a starting point.  I spent some time this weekend entering training weeks into Excel, which has been very helpful because I can use formulas to calculate number of miles per week, number of race pace miles per week, etc.  I’ve also identified some areas where I will have to make adjustments for things like the Dallas Half Marathon and the last 20 mile run (scheduled for Christmas Day if I follow the plan exactly, but knowing my track record with long runs when I’m out of town, I will have to adjust my schedule to squeeze it in sometime before or after we go to PA).

Racing: I ended up running Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run back on June 9th.  After several weeks of rain (and cooler than normal temperatures), the race coincided with the beginning of regular Texas summer weather.  It was hot and humid but not quite as bad as 2015.  I started the race thinking I would run it without looking at my watch but then snuck a peek around 0.5  miles and saw I was at 6:40 pace– way, way too fast!  I reined it in and miles 2 and 3 were much slower (~7:45), plus I had to deal with getting passed a lot.  I’m not proud of starting too fast but I’m pleased that I was at least able to maintain a steady pace after my bad start and finish with a good kick.  Also, I ran 23:39, which was over a minute faster than 2015’s time.  Definitely not a PR but it’s nice to see improvement from year to year.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.57.56 AM

This was my last race for quite awhile.  I’d thought about running the Freedom 5K again but backed out at the last minute.  Last year the course was short and it looks like they used the same course again this year.  Also, the communications about packet pickup and race details were very disorganized and last minute (the email with the course map arrived at 9:30 PM the night before the race).  I didn’t feel like dealing with a messy race, especially when I am decidedly not in good racing shape, so instead I opted to sleep in this morning and run some tempo miles on the treadmill.

Gear: Back in May I started looking for a new sports bra.  My go-to sports bra has typically been the Road Runner Sports Rock Steady T-Back Bra.  It’s supportive, easy to put on/take off, has never caused chafing, and is very reasonably priced when it’s on sale.  The issue is that I’ve had some of these bras for around 7 years now, so they’re (understandably) losing some support and elasticity.  I took a chance on a Moving Comfort Vixen bra from Sierra Trading Post (sooooo much cheaper than anywhere else on the Internet!) and noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of support.  It’s definitely my new favorite sports bra.  After wearing it on a few runs I went ahead and bought a few more from Sierra Trading Post along with the Saucony Bullet tight short  (pictured above; no longer available at Sierra Trading Post, unfortunately) which is what I wear on long runs now thanks to its abundance of pockets.

Aaaand I’m also eagerly awaiting another pair of Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7s since I destroyed my old pair at the track.  I’m set with running gear for quite awhile now!

Life: June was busy, which may also account for my dip in mileage.  Fortunately, I’ve been busy with a lot of fun things like trips to friends’ pools and Krause Springs, the Paramount Classic Film series, and happy hours and early morning weekend runs with my running group.  It feels like such a blogging cliche to say {insert month] just flew by  but that’s really how I feel about June!  Here’s hoping that July will bring an equal amount of fun but also a few more miles.




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2 Responses to June

  1. Angela says:

    Excel all the way!! I’m not actually sure I could be a runner without Excel.

    Also definitely going to have to try this Vixen bra, now that they’ve discontinued my beloved Alexis & the ones I have are getting on in years. D:


    • Rungry says:

      I recommend some Body Glide with the Vixen bra. I think I’m slightly band sizes and I went with the smaller one in the interest of getting more support. I haven’t had a major disaster but I noticed a little chafing after a long run.


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