2016 Statesman 10K Race Recap

The day after the Austin 10/20 race I very mild DOMS.  I’m used to feeling dreadful the day after any race that’s over an hour but I think the lack of major hills on the 10/20 course really helped as far as soreness was concerned.  Still, I kept my mileage very light this week for a few reasons:

  1. I wasn’t feeling super motivated.
  2. As I found out on Wednesday, just because I wasn’t super sore didn’t mean my legs weren’t tired.
  3. I was signed up to run the Statesman 10K with my boyfriend’s work a week after my goal race.

Total mileage for the week was 20 miles:

Monday, 4-Apr: 2 miles very easy

Tuesday, 5-Apr: Rest

Wednesday, 6-Apr: Since I was feeling good in terms of soreness, I decided to try a few mile repeats at 10K pace. Per McMillan, my 10 mile race time of 1:15:57 predicts a 10K time of 45:26  (7:19 pace).  Even though I know by now that my predicted race times aren’t necessarily what I’m capable of, I went for it anyway.  I made it to 4 miles with 2 x 1 mile @ 7:19 and I was D-O-N-E!  My legs were definitely still feeling tired from Sunday’s race and the pace felt speedier than what I can currently sustain over 6.2 miles.

Thursday, 7-Apr: Rest

Friday, 8-Apr: Rest

Saturday, 9-Apr: 4 easy

Sunday, 10-Apr:  10 miles total with 6.2 in 48:42 (7:50 pace).

I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this race given my lack of 10K workouts, lack of hill running, and goal race a week prior.  It ended up being a bit of mess from the start when I accidentally lined up in Corral B instead of Corral A.  There were a lot of people starting with me who were running much slower than I was.  I got boxed in a number of times and even got kicked in the knee by someone who cut me off!  I stupidly wasted a lot of energy trying to weave through the crowds and ended up with a 7:52 first mile to show for it.  After that I resigned myself to just running at approximately half marathon effort for the rest of the race and didn’t look at my watch again.  I sped up a bit in the second half of the race when I hit the downhill sections but otherwise my splits were pretty consistent.  This finish time is definitely a bit disappointing since I’d originally planned to run this more like a race than a workout but I’m also not sure that was a reasonable expectation for one week after the 10/20.  Maybe next year I will actually train for this race again and really chase my time from 2014.

Running the race as a team member was fun though!  After I did my cool down I hung out at the team tent and chatted with people.  And my boyfriend finished faster than he thought he would, which is pretty awesome considering that this was his first 10K on a tough course!

My next race is a flat 10K at the beginning of May.  I’m taking the next week off from speed work, so I’ll also be running this one after very little 10K training.  Hopefully the more favorable terrain and the fact that I won’t have run a race the weekend before will result in a better time than today’s!


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