Austin 10/20: Last Week of Training + Race Plans

I feel like this race really snuck up on me.  My training cycle was a bit abbreviated since I wanted to allow some recovery time after 3M.  In retrospect, I think I needed a slightly longer break from workouts and training plans.  My recovery week included a 5K race and when I jumped back into training my first few attempts at goal 10 mile race pace went horribly.

The good news is that running got a lot better over the past 4-6 weeks.  My weekly mileage has been around 31-37 miles.  It probably wouldn’t have killed me to crack 40 miles once or twice but I feel like the shorter (3-5 mile) easy, recovery runs in the training plan I mostly followed allowed me to run more quality workouts and 10+ mile runs.  Also, keeping a close eye on my weekly mileage and valuing quality over quantity helped me avoid a debacle like 2014’s stress fracture.  Since I was coming off a half marathon PR at the start of my training I felt confident about my endurance, so I tried to focus my training on building a bit more stamina and speed.

My longest run was 12.5 miles on Easter Sunday (27-Mar) with 2 x 2 miles at 10 mile effort (7:35-7:40 pace).  My last “fast” mile– mile 9 (7:34)– felt pretty good and was a nice confidence booster.

This week I’ve followed almost the same taper as I did prior to 3M:


Texas shaped bird bath at the botanical garden


Wildflowers by the Hike and Bike Trail


So many people were out on boats!

  • Tuesday, 29-Mar: Drove my mom to the airport in the morning, worked from home the rest of the day, then went out for my last workout before the race:
    • 1 mile easy
    • 2 x 1.5 miles @ race pace with 1 mile recovery (11:21/7:34 pace, 11:18/7:32 pace)
    • 1 mile easy
    • 6 miles total
  • Wednesday, 30-Mar: 5 miles easy in dreadful heat and humidity.  Hopefully this will be my worst run of the week.
  • Thursday, 31-Mar4 miles easy  Rest.  Decided to switch my second rest day to Thursday when I saw that Friday’s weather would be much nicer.
  • Friday, 01-Apr: We got some big rain storms on Thursday night and Friday morning that brought in a nice cold front.  I did an easy 4 miles in lovely, sunny, 60 degree temps on Friday afternoon.
  • Saturday, 02-Apr: Easy 3 miles in a nice, cool, breezy morning.  We spent the rest of the morning running errands.  I will be home relaxing this afternoon and watching Villanova vs. Oklahoma in a few hours.  I grew up very near the Villanova campus and enjoy going to some home games when I’m visiting my parents.  I would love to see Villanova win tonight but my parents are a bit apprehensive because Villanova making it to the championship means the neighborhood may get a little nuts.

Onto my race plan…

This is a bit of a redemption race for me after I narrowly missed my sub-1:17 goal at the Run for the Water.  I am very confident that I can run sub-1:17 now.  I feel like my fitness is good and this course is easier than the Run for the Water, although I’m a bit nervous about the gradual uphill in the last few miles.  One of the nice things about having a Garmin and a running blog is that I can look back at my splits and my thoughts after the last time I ran this race.  I got a little carried away on some of the early downhills and paid for it towards the end.  This year I’m hoping to keep my pace consistent and in the low 7:30s for the first 5 miles– maybe longer if I’m feeling really good.  The incline towards the end means negative splits aren’t likely but I’m hoping I can maintain ~7:45 pace on the hills and have a decent kick right at the end.

  • First 5 miles @ 7:30 = 37:30
  • Second 5 miles @ 7:40 = 38:20
  • 10 miles in 1:15:50?

It’s a stretch and it’s certainly possible I will need to rethink things in the middle of the race.  But that’s the plan for now and hopefully it will be at least get me to #sub1:17orbust.

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4 Responses to Austin 10/20: Last Week of Training + Race Plans

  1. Melissa says:

    FYI, they’ve changed the course again this year. That loop around Mopac is at the end–miles 8-9ish–not at the beginning. So the first part of that loop is uphill, then you get a nice downhill back to the last turn, with less than a mile to go. That homestretch has a bit of an incline too though. Yippee.


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