Coming Up Next

Aside from an impulsive 5K race, last week was very light on running.

  • Monday, Jan. 25: Predictably, I woke up quite sore the morning after 3M.  I learned after the Run for the Water in November that the stand function on my sit/stand desk at work is my friend when my legs are sore.  So I spent most of the work day standing and then did about 2.5 miles of jogging/walking with my boyfriend and a lot of foam rolling.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 26: Rest and foam rolling.  Legs felt almost normal again.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 27: Another 2.5 miles of jogging/walking with my boyfriend and foam rolling.
  • Thursday, Jan. 28: 3.5 easy miles by myself.  This was my first real run since the race and my legs still felt pretty dead.  The soreness was completely gone but they were still tired.
  • Friday, Jan. 29: Rest
  • Saturday, Jan. 30: 5K ~2.9 mile race plus about 1 mile of warm up and cool down.  Even though the distance was off, this was definitely the highlight of the week since I felt so surprisingly good and in control during the race.  Also donuts.
  • Sunday, Jan. 31: Easy 3.6 miles back in Austin.

This week I started easing back into training in anticipation of my spring races:

  • Get Your Rear in Gear 5K (Feb. 27): This is basically a “let’s see where my fitness is at” race before Austin 10/20.  I roped my boyfriend into it as well since we learned last weekend that he can run over 75% of a 5K.  The course is USATF certified and it’s on the Camp Mabry route that is so near and dear to me.  My official 5K PR is from eons ago at the Philadelphia iteration of this race.  Maybe I’ll have a similar success during the Austin version?
  • Austin 10/20 (Apr. 3): This is my big goal race for the spring after narrowly missing a sub-1:17 finish at the Run for the Water (aka my last 10 mile race).  This course is flatter and I think I’m in better shape now than I was in November but the weather in April can be iffy and there are a few tricky hills towards the end that slowed me down quite a bit in 2014.  I haven’t done many 10 mile races but each one has been a PR.  I hope this one won’t end my streak!
  • Statesman Capitol 10K (Apr. 10): I’m signed up to run this with a team from my boyfriend’s office.  (Hopefully my work doesn’t decide to form a team– that might be awkward…).  I doubt I’ll run a great time since it’s a week after my goal race but being a team member means I get access to the team tent with snacks and such after the race #priorities.
  • Silicon Labs Sunshine Run 10K (May 8): I ran the 5K last year but decided to try the 10K in 2016.  It should be flat and fast but it will also probably be hot.  Goal for this one is TBD.

As for training plans, for the 10/20 I am using Hal Higdon’s Advanced Half Marathon program.  I chose this because it’s completely new to me and the mileage is more reasonable for me than the Running Planet plan I’ve very loosely followed for a few races.  I also like that the Hal Higdon plan has 3 mile run + strength days on the schedule.  I mentioned in my goals for 2016 post that I want to get back to regular strength work and I think having it built into my schedule will really help.  Since I’m not training for a half I will probably max out around 12 miles for the long runs and I might sub in some of the workouts from the Running Planet plan that I’ve found particularly useful.  Other than that, I hope to stick to the plan as much as possible.  I’m almost done with my first week and it has gone well so far!

Also, here’s a picture of me looking semi-normal at mile 7 of the 3M half marathon:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.02.13 PM

And here I am on the mile 13 hill, turning a corner and wondering where the damn finish line is:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.02.51 PM

You’re welcome.

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One Response to Coming Up Next

  1. Angela says:

    I think next year I want to try running some more 10 mile races. I’ve only done 2, one as a marathon pace workout and one on a super hot day & a long course, so I feel like there are perhaps a few PRs to be had at that distance!


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