The Week of Minimal Running

I ran 5 miles the week after the Run for the Water— 2 miles on November 2nd (the day after the race) and 3 miles on November 4th.

After the race I told myself that I would take a week to run only when I felt like it.  If I didn’t want to run at all, that would be fine, except then I did want to run a little because soreness.  After two or three days my legs felt normal again and I probably could have jumped back into my usual mileage.  But I’ve been training for one thing or another for almost six months and there were definite feelings of burnout in the week or two before the race.  In addition to needing some time to recover before my next training cycle, I really needed a mental break.   It helped that the week after the race we got some more rain.  I am not afraid to run in a little rain– it can be quite nice in the summer when it’s 80+ degrees outside– but I enjoyed not feeling like I had to crank out a run in less than ideal weather.  After the rain I got another really bad migraine and I enjoyed lying in bed with the curtains drawn while willing my stomach to keep down an Excedrin.


So I had my week of fun and then I had to start running again because, in the hours after the Run for the Water when my mind was not very clear, I signed up for a December 6th half marathon.  This is questionable because:

  • Long runs before the Run for the Water maxed out around 11 miles
  • December 6th is the day we move into our new apartment, so I’ve had to promise my boyfriend that I will not, under any circumstances, whine about carrying boxes with sore legs.

Here is why I think things will be okay.  They may be misguided, but I believe they will be okay:

  • I ran this race in 2013.  It’s a hard course with some serious hills.  I am not going to PR.  But I want to run it because it’s a great no-frills local race.  I can probably beat 2013’s 1:47:07 but I might also just stick with the 1:50 or 1:55 pace group the whole way and not try to really race.
  • My next goal race is the 3M Half Marathon on January 24th where I think I have a good shot at a PR.  Last week I jumped into Week 2 of this training program again except I cut out a workout and ran 12 miles on Sunday.  The increase in my long run– even after a week of sloth– went well, so I’m planning on one workout and one long run (maxing out at 14 miles) per week until the race.  Which is, um, less than 3 weeks away.

This was last week’s training:

  • Monday, November 9th: Rest
  • Tuesday, November 10th: 5 miles easy
  • Wednesday, November 11th: Rest
  • Thursday, November 12th: 5 miles easy
  • Friday, November 13th: 6 miles total– 1 mile easy, 3 x mile @ 10K pace (7:24) with 800m recovery and 1 mile cool down. I did this on the treadmill after work and it was HARD.  Workouts in the afternoon are tricky because I need to be extra careful about what I eat all day.  Leftover pizza from the break room fridge does not do me any favors.  Not running hard for almost two weeks also adds an extra challenge.
  • Saturday, November 14th: 4 miles easy
  • Sunday, November 15th: 12 miles total with miles 10 and 11 at approximate Decker race pace (~8:00 min/mile).

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.22.17 PMThis was one of my best long runs in quite awhile.  I kept the early miles easy, and I know they were easy because I spent part of that time chatting with an out of town runner who wasn’t familiar with the trails.  Since I run alone 99.9% of the time, I don’t really get to see if I’m running at a conversational pace but I knew I was yesterday.  The faster miles were tough but I was at my target pace.  Hopefully running my race pace miles at the end of my long runs will make the last few miles of the half marathon a little easier.

Total: 32 miles

The only thing missing was hills and I already have plans for a tour of Ye Olde Neighbourhood Highlands sometime this week.  Otherwise I think it was a solid week of training, and I am feeling 1000 times more prepared for the half marathon than I am for the move.


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3 Responses to The Week of Minimal Running

  1. Marie says:

    I hate moving more than I hate anything else in this world. (Well, moving isn’t bad. Packing boxes and then unpacking them is horrible.)


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