Run for the Water Training: Week 4 was not what I’d planned for, Week 5 was a mileage nosedive

I think my rhyming is getting worse the further I get into this training cycle.  I’m already concerned about what I’ll come up with for Week 11.  I also may have sacrificed some accuracy for the sake of a rhyming post title because the last 2 weeks weren’t actually as bad as I’ve made them sound.  I didn’t do as much speed work as I should have and I kind of stopped caring about my training plans this weekend because it was 75-80 degrees with low humidity and running outside felt amazing.  I realized today that I ran 26 miles in less than 48 hours which is a bit much given my typical weekly mileage.  But: it was gorgeous and there’s something to be said for running on tired legs.  All in all, #noregrets but tomorrow will be a rest day.

Week 4  (32 miles)

Monday, 8/31: Strength work in the afternoon.  This my 31st birthday and I successfully resisted the urge to do something twee like run 3.1 miles or 31 km in the name of blog fodder.  As for my birthday, it was very low key, as most of my birthdays in adulthood have been.  I ate an insane amount of ice cream after dinner and was gifted an insane amount of books that I’m dying to read but can’t start until I finish my library books.  Womp, womp.

Tuesday, 9/1: This was an accidental rest day.  What happened was that I was planning to do a short easy treadmill run after work.  But then there were 3 separate stalled vehicles on my drive to the gym and we had movie plans in the evening, so by the time I finally got off the highway it was clear that I didn’t have enough time to squeeze in a run.  Lesson learned: Running before work makes everything easier.

Wednesday, 9/2: 6.02 miles very easy before work (9:27 pace)

Thursday, 9/3: Strength work + 4 miles easy on the treadmill (9:07 pace)

Friday, 9/4: Random speed workout I made up on the spot.  Admittedly, this is probably not as good as following plans designed by experts but I felt like this was pretty effective (read: tiring).

  • 1600m warm-up
  • 800m @ 7:08 pace w/400m recovery
  • 1600m @ 7:24 pace w/800m recovery
  • 800m @ 7:03 pace w/400m recovery
  • 1600m@ 7:19 pace
  • 1600m cool-down
  • 6 miles total (average 8:22 pace)

Saturday, 9/54.95 miles easy (9:10 pace) around my neighborhood.  This mostly just felt hot and gross.

Sunday, 9/6: 10.97 miles easy (9:13 pace). I left my Garmin at home by mistake, so I ran with my phone but didn’t check my pace I was done.  I really tried to run completely based on feel and ended up with shockingly consistent splits.  Aside from the extreme heat and sun, this was a good one.

Week 4  (30 miles)

Monday, 9/7: “Rest”, assuming you consider running around the Schlitterbahn all day restful.  It was a very, very fun time with a big group of friends even though we seemed to be the oldest non-parents there.  We were completely exhausted by the end of the day (I think I fell asleep around 9) and my boyfriend somehow managed to get a nasty sunburn on his shoulders and back even though we re-applied sunscreen multiple times but I think this is still going to be a Labor Day tradition.

Tuesday, 9/8:  4 miles easy (8:56 pace).  This didn’t feel great.  As I am wont to do, I made a big batch of lunches at the beginning of the week.  I tried a new recipe and it was very tasty but I felt like my stomach really didn’t do well with the volume of fiber and vegetables.  Verdict: lots of vegetables at lunch are good– if I’m not running later.  Lesson learned: Running before work makes everything easier.

Wednesday, 9/9: Planned rest day

Thursday, 9/10: Unplanned rest day, stomach still not great in the early evening.

Friday, 9/11: Ran some 10Kish paced 1600m repeats after work in 7:24, 7:24, and 7:19 for a total of 6 miles with warm-up and cool down.   Some lingering stomach issues and perhaps overestimating my speed made this feel less than stellar.

Then overnight the temperature and humidity dropped and my running was magical.

Saturday, 9/12: With the lower temperature (75ish), I decided that it would be a good day to run some tempo miles because I tend to be really, really bad about running tempo work outs even though I know how good they are for longer races.  I ran 3 miles easy, then ran attempted to run 3 sub-8:00 minute miles with a 3 mile cool down for 9 miles total.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.50.42 PM

Mile 4 felt fine (it was mostly downhill) but then I had to turn around and run uphill and my legs were all “nope, not interested”.  Every now and then I’d feel like I was surging and hitting sub-8:00 again but when I’d check my Garmin it would say my pace was 8:05 or 8:10.  I think this could have gone better if a) I did more tempo runs and b) I hadn’t run some fast miles less than 24 hours earlier.  Common sense, really.

Sunday, 9/13: This was so wonderful.  First, let me show you the weather:

Is it fall yet?

Is it fall yet?

And here are my splits:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.00.22 PM

I generally don’t think it’s a great idea to run 2 harder workouts and a long run back to back.  I did a really bad job last week at spreading out my mileage across the week and doing my long run on fresh legs.  I feel like I’m pulling a “do as I say, not as I do” here and I hate when bloggers do that.  So: I’m sorry.

With that said, these 11 miles felt great.  My legs didn’t feel super fresh but this was one of those runs when the miles flew by.  I haven’t had one of those in awhile.  Also, it’s going to warm up a bit again towards the end of this week, so I’m glad I took full advantage of the nicer weather.

After the issues I had this week with my stomach feeling off after work– plus my epic wipe out on the road in the dark— I bought a head lamp and some new lights for early morning running.  I haven’t used them yet since they just arrived on Saturday but now I really don’t have any excuses for not waking up early.  I’ll report back once I’ve tried the new gear!

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