Run for the Water Training: Week Three, C’est Fini

This was a good week!

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.25.34 PM

35 miles total with 2 decent track workouts and a good long run (in August!).  I feel like I’ve really gotten back into the swing of training.  I’m also excited to race again after getting a little burned out on 5Ks in the late spring/early summer.  By the way, I added my upcoming races to the righthand sidebar on my home page.  There’s only 3 right now (Run Free TX 8K, Run for the Water, 3M Half Marathon) but I will probably add in a Turkey Trot and maybe the Decker Challenge Half Marathon depending on how the Run for the Water goes.

So.  Last week:

Monday, 8/24: 3 miles easy (9:09 pace) plus strength training.  I can now deadlift 100 lbs.  This is not much of an accomplishment for most people but I started at around half that number at the beginning of this year.  I still don’t feel very strong– especially if I look at what some of the other people at the gym are lifting– but the little graph on the app I use to log my lifts shows pretty consistent progress.

Tuesday, 8/25: 6.14 miles total including a track workout with 6 x 800m @ slightly faster than 5K pace.  This went pretty well, though repeats 1 and 3 were more like actual 5K pace.  I jogged 400m between each repeat and ran ~1 mile to warm up and cool down.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.55.44 PM

Wednesday, 8/26: Rest.  As usual, I scheduled my early track mornings around my early work meetings.  On Wednesday I had to be in the office by 7:30, which means leaving home around 7:00.  The trade off was that I got to leave work a little early and do fun things like go to the bank and HEB before the masses show up.

Thursday, 8/27: Track day number 2.  7.35 miles total with 4 x 1600m 10K pace (i.e. 7:20-7:30).  This went pretty well until the last repeat when a horrible side cramp slowed me down to 8:00 min pace for 2 laps.  I was able to rally at the end and finish in 7:51 but it was definitely not how I wanted to finish a workout.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.10.59 PMAs for what caused that awful cramp, I suspect it may have been dehydration.  I had some wine with dinner on Wednesday night and didn’t drink much water during the day.  I’m planning to run this workout again in a few weeks, so hopefully then I will make it through 4 or 5 mile repeats without  disaster.

Friday, 8/28: 4 miles easy (8:48 pace) on the treadmill after work.  We went to Yard Bar at night with some friends (including the aquatic corgi and his owners).  It’s basically a bar with an enclosed off leash area for dogs.  There are loads of picnic tables in the off leash area as well as in the patio in back, which is where we sat since the corgi gets a little agitated around bigger dogs.  We had a fun time hanging out and playing the most ridiculous card game ever.  The food was meh but there’s a good beer selection, though I was feeling unadventurous and just drank two Blood & Honeys.

Saturday, 8/29: 5 miles easy (9:00 pace), again on the treadmill.  I was not feeling motivated to run in the morning and by the time I finally decided it was time to run it was 95 degrees outside.

Sunday, 8/30: 9.05 miles easy (8:43 pace).  GUYS MY LONG RUN DIDN’T SUCK.
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.27.03 PM

I think I was greatly aided by the fact that it was “only” 79 degrees when I started and slightly overcast.  The sun came out in full force by mile 4 or 5 but I think by then I’d gotten settled into a good momentum and was able to maintain a sub-9:00 pace.  After Thursday’s debacle at the track I’ve been very careful about my water intake, especially if I’m also drinking alcohol.  I didn’t feel dehydrated during this run even though I had pizza and beer (yes, again) on Saturday night.  Or maybe the pizza and beer are what helped this run not suck.  I like that theory more.

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