Run for the Water Training: Week One is Done (More or Less)

As usual, I’m several days late in writing this.  Work got kind of busy at the beginning of this week and I am juggling running with the Paramount Classic Film Series.  (I’m planning on devoting another post to the movies we saw this summer– there have been some great ones!)

Anyway, my first week of training sans RunCoach was pretty successful aside from a postponed long run.  I guess I should mention now that I’m hoping to PR on November 1st, which would mean running sub-1:17.  The course has some hills in the middle miles which will make a PR difficult but I ran 1:19 in 2013 with less training, which hopefully means I can hit sub-1:17 with some more work outs.  The only other race I have scheduled between now and November 1st is an 8K in September, so I may redefine my goals depending on how that race goes.

Another thing I should mention is that even though I’m training for a race with challenging hills, I do not plan on running hill repeats in the next few months.  My knees feel dreadful afterwards.  To be blunt, I don’t know if this is a biomechanical issue or something else but I don’t feel like paying someone to look at my knees when I can just run my regular mileage along hillier routes and feel fine.  When it’s not a million degrees outside and I can run in my neighborhood without carrying a gallon of water I will run the last few miles of my long runs on some serious hills near my apartment.  I think this helped tremendously in the past when I was training for some of the hillier races in town (Run for the Water, Decker Challenge, Austin Half Marathon).  But if you think this is a dumb approach to training and that hill repeats are jawesome and that I should get my knees checked out ASAP, please let me know in the comments!  I do not want something like the Great Tibial Stress Fracture of 2014 this fall.

Onto week 1 of training:

Monday, 8/10: Strength work

It looked like this

Tuesday, 8/11: 5 miles easy (8:54 pace)

Wednesday, 8/12: 3 miles easy (9:05 pace) + strength work

Thursday, 8/13: 4 miles easy (8:52 pace)

Friday, 8/14: 1 mile warm-up, 5 x 800m @ 5K pace (roughly 3:31/7:03 pace) with 400m recovery, 800m cool down for a total of 5 miles.

Saturday, 8/16: Dreadfully hot and humid 6 miles (9:17 pace)

Sunday, 8/17: 7 miles with the last mile at goal race pace  Rest

Now it’s time to tell the story about the time I won bar trivia.

We met up with some friends for dinner at Habana on Saturday night.  Dinner was delicious and also cheap thanks to a Groupon.  Here is a picture.  Note the mojito.

We decided to hang out for awhile after dinner at the nearest bar, which happened to be Opal Devine’s.  Everyone there was gearing up for a round of bar trivia, which we were initially skeptical about since none of us were very well-versed in sports or recent pop culture happenings (two topics that always come up in bar trivia, in my experience).  But we decided we were game (HAHAHA) and joined in.

During bar trivia I drank a Pecan Porter and then a ginger and whiskey drink that I decided looked good (it was).  Bar trivia took quite awhile, so my drinks were spread out and I never felt drunk.  I think everything would have been fine if we hadn’t won bar trivia and received a voucher for more money than we had on our tab at a point in the evening when the kitchen had closed.

So then I had to partake in part of a beer flight, which brought me to about 3.5 drinks for the night.  I was not exactly hungover the next morning but I definitely felt dehydrated, which was not a good way to start a ~60 minute run in August.  I decided to take it easy in the morning and maybe hit the treadmill in the afternoon but that turned into “take it easy all day”.

Total mileage for the week: 23 miles

I don’t want to spoil too about my second week of training– gotta make things suspenseful so people will keep reading!– but I moved that 7 mile run to Monday.  Normally I don’t think it’s a good idea to make up missed workouts, especially if it means running a lot more miles or more intensity than is typical.  However, since I’ve been periodically doing midweek runs of 7-8 miles with a 10-11 mile weekend run, 7 miles on a Monday did not seem out of the norm.  I also jettisoned one of the track workouts I had planned for this week in the interest of not running too many hard miles. Running 7 miles on Monday has not come come back to haunt me (yet…).

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