Break Up

I know that title is going to make people think my boyfriend’s out of the picture but rest assured he and his whimsical socks are still very much in my life.  I also haven’t broken any bones recently, though I might have come close last week when a random sandbag in the middle of my favorite early morning running path resulted in a wipe out.

But I have decided to break up with RunCoach. My primary reason for doing so is boring (money).  I was doing the cheapest plan– $19.99/month– which I think was a pretty good deal for what I got.  However, my boyfriend and I did some budgeting last weekend and it made me realize I’d like to have a bit more extra money in my bank account each month.  Getting rid of RunCoach and shopping around for a better deal on car insurance seemed like the easiest ways to cut back a bit on spending.

I think RunCoach was great for slowly getting myself back into regular running after less than stellar training in the spring.  I also really liked some of the workouts and will probably revisit them in the future.  And who knows, maybe I’ll go back to RunCoach sometime in the future.  But aside from the question of money, I wanted a little more variety in the workouts.  I also wanted more workouts– not too many, of course, but I am confident that I can handle two track days per week every other week.  It’s possible that I was throwing off the schedule by resetting it every week so my rest days would coincide with biweekly early morning meetings.  Who knows.  In any case, my decision to drop RunCoach conveniently occurred exactly 12 weeks out from the Run for the Water, which meant that I has all kinds of 12 week training plans waiting for me on the internet.


I’m going with a hybrid of two tried and true programs (here and here), with modifications.  I’ve been doing well this summer alternating 6 days vs. 5 days of running per week, so there will probably be some extra rest days in there.  I also probably won’t go past 12 miles for my long runs since I’m training for a 10 mile race, not a half marathon.  I’ll save the mid-teen runs for December and January in preparation for 3M.

I’m less than a week into my official training but so far things have gone well.  I’ll wait until after tomorrow to officially report back though.  Tomorrow will be my longest run for week 1– only 7 miles but with the last mile at target race pace and long runs are such a challenge in the summer due to my refusal to wake up early on the weekends and run before sunrise.  Gotta get in that beauty sleep at some point!

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