Morning Running

Today I managed the previously impossible and woke up at 5 AM to run before work.



Waking up at 5 AM (or even 4:30 AM) used to be the norm for me during the work week but at some point since switching jobs I fell out of that habit.  I have a lot more time in the afternoon now but it is miserably hot outside, so any running after 10:00 AM pretty much needs to happen on the treadmill.  I’ve been doing some indoor running in the afternoons with some success but this week I realized that I’m sick of the treadmill.  I’ve also found recently and years ago during a nasty winter in Philadelphia that my knees feel a little off when I’m doing a lot of treadmill running.  I’m not sure if there’s a scientific basis for this but it’s something I’ve noticed.

Anyway– last night I threw in the towel, set my alarm for 5 AM, and got myself to bed at a reasonable hour.  And honestly, waking up this morning was not too bad aside from some semi-conscious confusion about why my alarm was going on off so early.

After some coffee I got dressed and drove to the track.  (I chose to drive in case a surprise swarm of people meant I’d need to relocate my workout to another track).  Luckily, today there were just a few walkers, some Cross Fitters running around with medicine balls, and a giant poodle.  Just another pre-6 AM morning at the local track!

My workout for this week was a warm-up, 6 x 400m in 1:43/6:54 pace with 1:30 recovery jog in-between, cool down.  I was a little worried about how this would go since all of my recent speed work aside from races has been on the treadmill and propelling myself forward is different from trying not to fall off a belt.  Aside from being a bit too fast (especially the first repeat), this went well.  I’m having issues with the Garmin website, so here are all of the details typed out.  You’re welcome.

  • 1.26 mile warm up in 11:21 (9:01 pace)
  • 400m in 1:39 (6:36 pace), 1:41 (6:47 pace), 1:41 (6:47 pace), 1:41 (6:47 pace), 1:42 (6:50 pace), 1:40 (6:44 pace)
  • 200m recovery in-between each repeat averaged around 10:00 pace
  • 1.61 mile cool down in 14:27 (8:59 pace)

I really have to say that I felt pretty good during this workout, and I attribute part of that to the fact that I didn’t have the sun beating down on me, it wasn’t a bajillion degrees, and the humidity was reasonable.  There will probably be more treadmill runs in my future this summer because– let’s face it– sometimes I want to get tastefully drunk on a week night and not wake up at 5 AM the next morning.  (More on that adventure soon, I promise!)  But there’s really something to be said for running outside with fresh air and scenery and getting your workout done early in the day, especially if it’s a Friday and you want to hit up a happy hour…

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2 Responses to Morning Running

  1. golddh says:

    The Garmin website drives me crazy. I like morning running, but 5 AM is pretty extreme. I’m impressed.


    • Rungry says:

      Well, I WOKE UP at 5 but didn’t actually start running until 5:45 because I require time beforehand to get dressed, get to the track, and also drink some coffee because I cannot function without caffeine.


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