Running Recently

I was looking forward to getting in some solid mileage during my break between jobs.  Unfortunately, my body had other plans.

The day after the Autism Speaks 8K (May 25th) I ran 10 miles, mostly on the Shoal Creek trail.  Aside from the volume of mud I brought home on my shoes and legs it felt really good to do a long(ish) run.  I did an easy 5 mile run in my neighborhood the next day which involved running around a lot of fallen branches from the epic Memorial Day rainstorms.  My legs were feeling a bit dead from the race and 10 miler, so I took Wednesday off.  On Thursday morning I went out for an easy run, exact length TBD based on how I was feeling.  The run ended up being 6 miles of feeling good + 2.19 miles of feeling dreadful.  I continued to feel dreadful after running and when I took my temperature in the late morning it was 99.9 degrees F.

This is not how I typically like to feel a few hours before houseguests arrive and a few days before I have to travel out of state via plane for new job training.

So running took a backseat for several days (Friday to Monday).  Thankfully I didn’t develop a higher fever but I did develop a lovely productive cough that is still going on over  a week later, though the coughing spasms are much less frequent.  My energy wasn’t great while my brother and his fiance were here but I think we were still able to show them a good time around Austin.

On the way home from barbecue in Lockhart

On the way home from barbecue in Lockhart

2015-05-29 15.25.10

Fairy houses at Zilker Botanical Gardens

Mardi Gras shark at Quality Seafood

Mardi Gras shark at Quality Seafood

Countless tacos, glasses of beer and wine, and Lucy’s fried chicken were left unpictured.

I drove my brother and his fiance to the airport on Sunday morning and then sat around for an hour until it was time to board my flight to North Carolina.  I still had more of a death rattle in my chest when I coughed than I would have liked and I was also much more sleep deprived than I would have liked due to the coughing being worse when I tried to lie down.  I went through an entire family sized bag of cough drops from Sunday-Wednesday.

My savior #notsponsored

I managed 2 3-mile treadmill runs on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  The treadmills at the hotel were programmed for 30 minute workouts plus a 5 minute cool down which had to be at walking pace.  I would have been more irritated by this if I hadn’t been feeling sickish.

I got back to Austin at 12:30 AM on Thursday and then barely slept even though my manager said it was fine to come in late on Thursday due to the evening flight.  (The hours at my new job, by the way, are basically up to me as long as I get my work done and am available for meetings and teleconference.  So nice!).  I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off from running in the interest of figuring out how long my new commute is (15 minutes in the morning, 30-45 in the afternoon it seems), knocking myself out with Nyquil at night, and focusing my energy on getting settled at my job.  I think a few nights of 9-10 hours of Nyquil-induced sleep did the trick because I managed to run 4 miles yesterday and a little over 10 miles today with minimal coughing.

The weather in the late morning is making my weekend runs increasingly sweatier.

The weather in the late morning is making my weekend runs increasingly sweatier.

I’m hoping to get back into a morning running routine this week now that I’ve survived my first week at my new job and my cold is pretty much gone.  I have to say that after almost 3 weeks of traveling and having houseguests and traveling again, it’s nice to get back to a regular work schedule.  Right now I am signed up to run the Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run on Thursday night but I’m considering DNSing due to my cough, lack of speed work, and the fact that it will probably be well over 80 degrees and humid.  I’m planning on going to the track on Tuesday morning to see how a few fast 400 or 800m repeats feel.  Otherwise, it will probably be a last minute decision.

So I might be back here on Thursday night with a race report…OR I MIGHT NOT.

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2 Responses to Running Recently

  1. Wendy says:

    If you paid for it, you might as well run. Just treat it as a training run.


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