I was going to title this post something along the lines of “Worst Day Ever” but then we came home on Monday afternoon to a half inch of water in our living room!  This happened, by the way over the course of less than 5 hours while we were out eating lunch and running some errands.  This is nothing compared to some other places in Central Texas but I was hoping The Great Flood of 2014  would be our last flood in this apartment.

Anyway, let me begin a little background on my schedule these days: my last day at my job was Tuesday, May 19th and we were in Boston May 20th-23rd.  My brother and his fiance are visiting the 27th-30th and then I fly out to North Carolina on the 31st for three days of job training.  Having this time off has been SO nice!  I just hope that being back in an office next Thursday isn’t too jarring.

So: Boston.  We arrived there late on Wednesday evening and had a really nice time eating pizza and drinking beer with my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins.  The Gentleman and I went off to bed around 11:00 feeling completely beat since we’d woken up very early for our flight out of Austin.  One of my uncle’s cats followed us down to the finished basement where we stayed and sniffed around our bags and then sat by our feet on the bed.  We knew this cat wasn’t super friendly, so we didn’t try to pet him or pick him up and just let him go about his cat business. Around midnight I woke up to the Gentleman screaming and (accidentally) smacking me in the face.  The cat mauled him!  It was hard to see exactly what happened– it was dark and I didn’t have my glasses on– but the cat had attacked his head and one hand and then jumped up and scratched his back after he stood up.  The Gentleman had blood dripping down his face from cuts on his head and ear.  I nudged the cat out of the basement with a cushion and then spent the next hour patching up the Gentleman.  There was so much blood and it was hard to tell if some of the cuts were bites or scratches since neither of us really saw the attack.

In the morning my aunt and uncle helped us find an drop-in medical office nearby; however, it didn’t open until 11.  The Gentleman and I went out for a walk since part of the reason for this trip was to see some of the different towns and neighborhoods in Boston.  We walked through part of Brookline (where my uncle lives) and through Olmsted Park.  The weather was gorgeous, so I was having a great time.  The Gentleman, however, wasn’t feeling so good since his hand was swelling and turning red.  We stopped by the drop-in medical office on our way back to my uncle’s house and were told that they haven’t done drop-ins in 20 years.  Derp.

The closest drop-in location was in Watertown.  We had to wait awhile for my aunt to leave work and pick us up since my uncle tore his Achilles tendon a week or two prior and was in a boot and unable to drive.  (Everywhere we went people eyed him nervously and asked if the cat had done that too).  Our stay in Watertown was brief since the urgent care doctor told us we needed to go to the ER immediately due to the risk of infection from what she determined was a bite on the Gentleman’s hand.  She also said it looked like someone broke a bottle over his head.

I decided this post needed a GIF.

Onward to the ER, where waited for 4 hours as the Gentleman got IV antibiotics and an X-Ray to make sure there were no cat tooth fragments lodged in his hand.  Everyone in the ER who heard his saga was like “A cat did all that?!”

Finally we were sent off with a prescription for oral antibiotics and Boston-accented well wishes from another patient in the ER who’d been in a minor cah accident.

Friday was a far more successful day.  I managed to get in a nice run in the morning.

Hideous scenery

Hideous scenery

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon walking around downtown Boston and Cambridge.  The above picture is actually the only picture I took on our whole trip, so you’ll just have to imagine the super nerdy place where we ate lunch near MIT.

We also went to a beverage spot in Brookline to pick up some important souvenirs, pictured here on our kitchen table back in Austin:

IMG_1438And that was it for our trip since we flew back to Austin super early on Saturday morning!  The Gentleman, by the way, is almost done with his course of antibiotics and is healing very nicely.  The cat went to the vet on Friday and got a special pheromone collar and will probably start feline Zoloft and sessions with a cat behaviorist aka anger management specialist in the near future.

Since we’ve been back in Austin I’ve been busying myself with errands and apartment cleaning in preparation for my brother’s arrival.  Unfortunately, since the past month has been a little crazy with the job switch and travel and I tend to not look at a calendar when I’m not working, I’ve already managed to forget when he is scheduled to come to Austin.  Thankfully for everybody, apparently he and his fiance are leaving on Sunday (not Saturday, as I’d thought) around the same time I am leaving for my first day of training in North Carolina, so I haven’t completely failed at this whole responsible adult thing.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since I drove halfway to the airport on the wrong day…

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3 Responses to Boston

  1. So sorry to hear about your cat attack experience! For the record (please Internet, don’t hate me), this is why I’m firmly in the dog-lover camp. Cats freak me out and I always assume they are just lying in wait to do something like this. By the way, I love your idea of “souvenirs!”


    • Rungry says:

      I am a staunch cat lover– there’s a feline snuggled in my lap right now as I type this– but I think I am now also wary of letting strange cats in my sleeping quarters. I know that my cat loves to sleep at my feet every night but apparently other cats may have different plans…

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