Daisy 5K Race Recap

Ergh, I started writing this last Sunday and never got around to finishing it.  I guess my excuse is that it was my last full week of work and I was quite busy trying to wrap up a lot of projects.  My last day at my current job is Tuesday (!!!) and then we are off to Boston for several days.  Hopefully I can resume semi-regular posting once things are a bit more normal around here.

Anyway, onto the race recap.

I’ve never been convinced that I’m very suited for 5Ks.  Even back in high school– when 5K was by far the longest distance I ever raced– I still felt much happier doing  a “long” run of 5-8 miles than going hard for 3.1.  I think the pacing will always be a struggle for me.  In a half marathon or even a 10K I feel like I can use the first mile to settle into a race pace but 5Ks seem too short for that.

The nice thing about 5Ks is that I can find one pretty much every weekend in Austin.  Plus, since they’re shorter, I don’t need as much recovery time as a I would for a longer race.  So I’m trying to run a bunch of shorter races to keep me motivated to do speed work and to work on my pacing.  At the Daisy 5K I did okay with the pacing but two big hills on the course slowed me down.  Two weeks ago I ran a mostly flat 5K in 23:29; last week I finished in 23:50.

This race had even fewer runners than last week's, so I ended up winning my age group and got a sweet gift certificate!  One more perk of running small 5Ks

This race had even fewer runners than last week’s, so I ended up winning my age group and got a sweet gift certificate! One more perk of running small 5Ks.

I can’t find an official map but I think this page has the right course and elevation.  I ran a 5K at Camp Mabry back in 2013, so I knew going into this that there would be some decent hills.  I held back during the first mile (7:24), slowed down a lot on the hill in the second mile (7:41…need to do more hill work!), picked it up to 7:36 for mile 3 and 6:26 pace for the last 0.1.  So somewhat positive splits but I think it would be difficult to avoid that  entirely given where the hills lie on the course.

Camp Mabry hosts a bunch of races throughout the year.  This was my second race there and I’ll be back again for an 8K at the end of May.  I like that there is a ton of parking and I don’t need to travel very far.  I didn’t like how incredibly humid it was during this race (I felt like I was drenched in sweat after less than a mile) but that’s what I get for racing in May.

Speaking of the weather, it’s been almost nonstop rain here for over a week, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to get a break anytime soon:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.57.11 PM

We definitely need this rain– Central Texas has been in a drought for years— and it’s been quite nice to not have temperatures in the 90s-100s yet.  However, I’m getting tired of running on the treadmill!  I don’t mind running in light to moderate rain; in fact, in the summer it can be quite refreshing.  But I won’t do heavy rain with thunder and lightning, which is what we woke up to this morning.  I was really hoping for 8-10 miles by Lady Bird Lake but ended up doing the 6 mile speed workout I’d planned for Tuesday on the treadmill.  Thankfully, the weather in Boston looks promising– sunny and 60s– so I’ll be able to get a much anticipated break from the treadmill for a few days.

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5 Responses to Daisy 5K Race Recap

  1. Wendy says:

    Congrats on the win! I also struggle with 5Ks. I feel like it takes 2-3 miles for me to forget that I am running and to find a good pace. Once I hit that magic place, I can go for a long while. I just never seem to hit that magic place in a 5K.


  2. Angela says:

    Nice job!! For me, I’ve found that I only really run 5Ks well when I really focus on that distance specifically (like for 3-4 months or so). Otherwise my brain gets too stuck in strategizing the way I would for a long race, which makes it hard to be like, “No, really, it actually IS okay to be running this fast in mile 2!”


    • Rungry says:

      I’ve absolutely found that to be true for me with 10Ks. (I did 10K specific training for 2 months last year and knocked a minute and a half off of my previous PR). Probably several months’ of 5K training would do me well but I’ve also kind of decided that I don’t care that much right now and just want to hurry up and start training for the fall/winter 10 mile and half marathon races.


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