What’s Next

I’m currently signed up for 3 more races this winter/spring:







The Paramount Break A Leg 5k on 2/15/15







Austin 10/20 10 mile race on 3/29/15





Statesman Capitol 10K on 4/12/15

And I will probably do 1 or 2 more 5Ks between now and the beginning of June.

Local readers may be wondering why I’m running the 5K this Sunday instead of the half marathon.  I ran the half last year and enjoyed it but decided to wait until after 3M this year to sign up.  I didn’t know how I’d feel after 3M and I wasn’t sure if 2 half marathons in 3 weeks would be a good idea following a lengthy period of stress fracture recovery.

I registered for all of these races on the afternoon after I ran 3M (January 25th).  At that time, the price for the Austin Half was at $120.  Yeah, no thanks– that’s way more than I want to spend to run a half marathon!  And then of course the next day my foot started to hurt, so being priced out of the half was probably a blessing in disguise.

The good thing about sticking with shorter distances this spring is that I can easily keep my weekly mileage around 30-35 miles.  I plan on doing 1-2 days a week at the track, which will help build more speed and also lessens my time on the roads (read: harder surfaces).  This is basically what I was doing leading up to the 3M Half Marathon when I wasn’t sick or traveling, so I don’t think I’m at a high risk of re-injury if I keep up my PT exercises and strength training and take enough rest days.

My 5K PR dates back to 2010, so I’d love to update that with a sub-22:00 time, which I think should be doable if I put in the time at the track.  I think my main goal race this spring will be the Austin 10/20 race.  I PR’d there last year but my pacing wasn’t great and I was running on a stress fracture (which is so scary to think about).  I might be able to run sub-1:17– maybe even sub-1:16– if I don’t go out too fast and also don’t have constant discomfort/pain in my left shin.

As for the Statesman 10K, I’m not sure what my goal is yet.  Right now Athlinks says my 10K PR is 44:09 because that was my time at the Rogue Distance Festival on a short course.  I would love to actually run that time for an actual 10K but that pace (7:05?) is faster than my current 5K pace.  My only plan is to see how the next few weeks of training go and to keep re-evaluating.  Last year I tried to plan out all of my races for 2014 way ahead of time, which ended up being an utter failure since I got injured.  This year I’m trying to go with the flow a little more and not think ahead by more than 3 months.  It means I may end up paying a bit more in race entry fees but that’s a risk I’m willing to take after losing so much money last year on races I had to DNS.

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