We left off with me dealing with the worst allergies of my life at the same time a friend came to stay with me for four nights.  I am pleased to say that my allergies cleared up on Saturday and I was able to partake in a very fun (yet exhausting) long weekend.  I even went running three times!

On Friday morning I ran 3 miles.  This was not my favorite run.  I was still having some difficulty breathing through my nose and I was short on time because we had a Very Important Barbecue Date scheduled.  Consequently, I ran this at an awkward effort between easy and actually trying to run hard.  Towards the end I felt like I was on the verge of wheezing.

We had lunch at Micklethwait Craft Meats, which was delicious but had much more of a hipster vibe than more traditional brick and mortar places like The Salt Lick or everywhere in Lockhart.  Lunch was followed by multiple cocktails at Rio Rita, which is one of the few places on 6th Street I enjoy.  We then went back to my apartment and relaxed for a bit before the Gentleman came home.  Around 6 we headed to the Draught House and then picked up a late dinner at Torchy’s.

My Saturday morning run was much more successful than Friday’s.  I managed an easy 5 miles and was able to breathe through my nose for the first time all week.  Hallelujah!  We had lunch and drinks at Trudy’s in the afternoon.  My friend who was visiting used to live in Austin, so she made plans to go out with other friends on Saturday night, which worked out well because I was way too tired to do anything.  I think I was in bed shortly after 10!

On Sunday morning was my best run of the weekend– 7.2 miles partially on the trail, which I hadn’t visited in weeks.  The weather was perfect and it felt really nice to be back on the trail.  In case you’re wondering, my foot felt a little sore at the beginning of all of my runs but the soreness went away after a mile or two.  I’ve tried to be diligent about my physical therapy exercises and icing (which I will detail a bit more in another post).

As for the rest of Sunday, at some point we had breakfast tacos (again from Torchy’s) and spent most of the afternoon sitting outside at the pool or patio in my apartment complex.  We went to The Salt Lick for dinner, which was awesome (especially the brisket) but so much food.  I think three days of so much food and so many drinks caught up to me that night because I feel asleep at 9 and then tossed and turned and woke up for good at 3.  My stomach felt kind of off and I was very tired all day.  Needless to say, Monday ended up being a rest day.  We didn’t do much that day except laze around and eat lunch at Tyson’s Tacos, which I’d never heard of or noticed even though I’ve driven by it countless times.  It’s basically a tiny little shack on Airport Blvd but the breakfast tacos were SO GOOD and I can’t wait to take the Gentleman there someday.

tl;dr version: I had a long weekend filled with lots of friends, food, and booze.  It was super fun but I’m happy to be back to my regular schedule now, especially since my allergies and foot discomfort are mostly gone.  I’m glad I had two weeks to relax a bit but now I’m feeling the itch to start training hard again.  Stay tuned…

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