I knew that the two weeks after the 3M Half Marathon would be light on running.  The first week I planned on taking it easy (i.e. no speedwork) and focusing on rest and recovery.  The second week (i.e. now) I planned on getting in a workout or two at the beginning of the week and then playing it by ear Thursday-Monday since I have a friend staying with me and don’t want to make her visit revolve around my running schedule.

As I previously mentioned, last week I was mostly sidelined by some mysterious pain in the arch of my left foot.  I saw my sports medicine doctor before work on Monday, and the good news is that I don’t have a stress fracture.  I also don’t have plantar fasciitis.  Basically, one of the tendons in my left foot (the one that goes to my big toe I think?) is swollen.  He OK’d me to run as long as I’m diligent about icing and stretching afterwards.  He also recommended a few sessions of physical therapy and soft tissue massage.  Awesome!  I figured I’d get back to some easy miles that evening.


Except then I started to feel sick.  My allergies got really bad.  Or I got a cold.  Or both.

The point is that I’ve been sneezing and coughing non-stop since Monday.  Generally, I will still run with a head cold or mild allergies; I draw the line at chest colds and fever.  The problem this week is that I have had by far the worst sinus congestion of my life and barely had the energy to get through the work day.  I also wanted to try to get in some extra sleep in an effort to knock this out of my system before my friend arrived.  (She got in last night and I think I’m feeling a little better this morning so…yay?).

Anyway, the point is that I haven’t been running or doing much of anything since my last post.  I went to my first PT session on Wednesday where I got some soft tissue massaging on my left foot (one word: OUCH) and they showed me some foam rolling exercises which I’ve mostly already been doing.  At the end they wanted me to rate how much better my foot felt and I had to admit that I didn’t really notice a different because I’ve been too inactive to aggravate the discomfort.  I have another session scheduled for Tuesday and may quit after that since the co-pay is pretty high.

For those who are wondering why this cold/allergies/whatever hit me so hard, here’s some background:

  • I grew up mostly in the Northeast and moved to Austin in 2010.  I never had issues with seasonal allergies anywhere else I lived.
  • Everyone in Austin has allergies due to super high mold levels and the cedar (“cedar fever”)– here’s a nice summary of the issues.  And it really seems like everyone is allergic to these things.  At least 2 of my coworkers have also been suffering greatly this week.
  • It can take awhile to really develop allergies.  As I mentioned, I moved here in 2010 but didn’t really start to have allergy problems until 2014.  The Gentleman (who was born and raised here) has been taking Zyrtec every day for as long as he can remember as a prophylactic measure.  I’m still not used to doing this since seasonal allergies are a pretty recent challenge for me.  But after this bout of sneezing and congestion I’m going to start taking it every day as well.  It’s a good thing we buy the economy sized bottles at Costco!

So that was a really long winded way of saying that I haven’t been running since my last post but I might feel up to a few easy miles today…!


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