3M Half Marathon Training: Week 11

Well, I made it through the last week of real training!  I am fairly confident that I can cover 13.1 miles without any sort of disaster but am still not 100% set on a race strategy or time goal.  Check back later this week for that…

Monday, 1/12: Rest

Tuesday, 1/13: 3.09 miles easy.  Our coffee table is the exact same height as my knees and right before I headed out for this run I whacked my knee on the edge of the table.  It didn’t hurt while I was running but it definitely felt a little tender, so I cut my run short to be extra safe.  I iced it several times on Tuesday and Wednesday and was back to normal by Thursday morning  aside from some bruising.

Wednesday, 1/14: Weights and elliptical at night

Thursday, 1/15: Total of 4.5 miles with 2 x 800m/1600m @ 5K/10K pace.  I did this workout a bunch of times last year while I was training for the Statesman 10K.  Last spring I could do 3 800m/1600m sets but this week I was toast after just 2 sets.  I love this workout for 10K training because my target 10K pace seems easier after running a hard 800m.  I hate this workout because is it HARD! On the upside, I mostly hit my paces (7:02 and 7:03 pace for 800m, 7:35 and 7:28 pace for 1600m– that 7:35 mile was a bit slow) and the other people at the track mostly behaved themselves.  There were still a few walkers in the innermost lanes, which makes me feel like this:

Friday, 1/16: 5.06 miles easy before work.  Saw a few people running in the middle of the road with headphones in their ears and dressed in head to toe black with no lights or reflective gear, which makes me think I should write and sell a Rungry Guide to Pre-Dawn Running and then get rich on ebooks so I can quit my job.

Saturday, 1/17: 12 miles total (3 easy, 2 @ HM pace, 2 easy, 2 @ HM pace, 3 easy). This was my last long run before the half marathon and I wanted to really make it count by throwing in some target pace miles, with “target pace” being 7:45 min/mile.  I ran most of the target pace miles on a slight downhill which is parallel to part of the 3M course.  I think this was really good practice for the half because I found myself starting off the faster sets way too fast.  I sped up a good bit on the downhills during my recent 5K and 10K races but a) those downhills were mostly towards the end of the races and b) I wasn’t covering nearly as much distance.  3M is almost all downhill but it’s also 13.1 miles, so a 7:00 minute mile at the beginning would not serve me well.

Riveting Garmin data

Riveting Garmin data

Sunday, 1/18: Weights at the gym followed by an easy 5 miles back to the apartment.

Total running mileage: 29.65 miles

On a completely non-running related note, last night one of my friends and I went to see the Acrocats.  We saw them last year at the Marchesa but this year they upgraded to the Paramount and had sold-out shows.  Tickets are a little pricey ($30) but it’s a very fun show and all of the cat performers are rescues.  As always, I also enjoyed Cluck Norris the chicken and cameo appearances by a groundhog.

The cats have varying degrees of professionalism (which is one of the best parts of the show).  The first time we saw them one cat ran off the stage, climbed up the carpet material on the wall, and spent the rest of the show hanging out on a ledge above one of the doors.  No one was quite that bold last night but one cat messed up her trick and proceeded to run under a table (maybe she was embarrassed?).  Another cat kept headbutting one of the trainers and wouldn’t do her trick until she received an adequate amount of ear scratching, which is fair.  I wouldn’t want to work for free either.

In conclusion, cats are funny.  And smart.

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5 Responses to 3M Half Marathon Training: Week 11

  1. Wendy says:

    I was DRIVING home the other night and am so thankful the lady wearing all black pushing a black jog stroller and walking a black dog walking in the road had a metal leash. It reflected off my headlights in just enough time to see them. They gave me a heart attack! I am always amazed. I buy run clothes, not to match, but to make sure cars and others can see me.


    • Rungry says:

      I’ve had a few close calls with runners while driving as well. My neighborhood is very popular with cyclists and runners because a bunch of the streets have really wide bike lanes and there isn’t very much traffic from cars. Unfortunately, it’s not always very well lit, so it can be very hard to see people who don’t have lights!


  2. Wendy says:

    *sorry for the extra “walking” in that first sentence


  3. Alyssa says:

    Sounds like you are ready for an awesome race! I forgot how other runners (walkers) at the track can make me ragy. Ideally I would channel that rage into my running but it never seemed to work out that nicely.


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