3M Half Marathon Training: Weeks 9 and 10

3 blog posts in 3 days?!

Since taking a week off to eat everything and drink everything and wear my pajamas all day I was able to jump right back into actual training.  There’s really something to be said for having a job or kids or any sort of commitments that force you to plan your workouts in advance.  I have zero regrets about the extra time I spent lounging during our vacation (and we did a lot of fun stuff while we were up north, which I will blog about eventually) but I think being back home and going to work and having to get up at 5 AM to run during the week is a lot better for my fitness.  Well, maybe not the 5 AM part.

I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions aside from trying to get back into a regular strength training routine.  The Gentleman found a twice a week plan that has been working well so far, especially since he joined my gym a few weeks ago.  2 days per week has been very doable as long as I can sync those sessions with times that he can go to the gym and help keep an eye on my form.  I offered to help him train for a 5K or something in return but he hates running and that’s unfortunately the only fitness area where I have a shred of knowledge.  Oh well.

Here’s how the last two weeks went:

Monday, 12/29: REST due to getting back to Austin late on Sunday night followed by the shock of having to wake up before 9 to go to work the next morning.

Tuesday, 12/30: 4.12 miles easy (9:32 pace)

Wednesday, 12/31: 2 x 2400m @ 10K pace at the track for a total of 4.52 miles.  The repeats were around 7:40 pace– slower than what my 10K/6 mile race pace turned out to be a week later— but this felt good and not too hard given that I’d essentially taken a whole week off from running.

Thursday, 1/1: The weather on NYE was really nasty in Austin, so we ended up staying home and were both asleep by 10.

I got a jump start on my “resolution” the next morning with some bench presses, my first attempt at deadlifts, and a little over 2 miles on the elliptical as a warm up/cool down.

Friday, 1/2: 4 x 1600m @ 5K-10K pace for a total of 6.5 miles.  I did this on the treadmill due to continued really nasty weather.  The repeats were a bit slow (7:30-7:41 pace) but felt plenty hard.

Saturday, 1/3: Overhead presses + squats at the gym followed by a circuitous easy 5.03 miles home at 8:50 pace.

Sunday, 1/4: 14.02 miles easy, which averaged out to 9:21 pace.  Very glad I a) finished this and b) didn’t feel completely beat up towards the end.  I’m not sure that I’ll be able to PR at 3M in 2 weeks (!) but at least I know I can probably finish it.

Total running mileage: 34.19

Monday, 1/5: Rest

Tuesday, 1/6: 6 x 800m @ 5K pace, total of 5.01 miles, hit my paces even though the track was utter chaos #sobrave

Wednesday, 1/7: Strength work and a total of 2 miles on the elliptical after work

Thursday, 1/8: The race on Sunday made it difficult to schedule an actual long run for the week, so I compromised with an easy 9.4 miles (9:03 pace) before work on Thursday.  It was quite cold by Texas standards (28 degrees), and I think the cold made me speed up a little more than usual.

Friday, 1/9: 5.02 miles easy before work (9:37 pace).  After work I did strength + 1 miles on the elliptical.

Saturday, 1/10: 4.01 miles easy (9:08 pace) in freezing rain.  Fun!

Sunday, 1/11: Rogue Distance Festival 10K 6 miles in 44:09, 7:21 pace. (The official chip times have been corrected since my post yesterday).

Total running mileage: 29.44

I can’t believe there are less than 2 weeks until the half marathon!

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2 Responses to 3M Half Marathon Training: Weeks 9 and 10

  1. Angela says:

    Gaaaaaah I really need to get back to lifting during my strength workouts (so much easier to just do my PT & a bunch of push-ups & call it good), & I am absolutely dreading getting back to speed work in the next month or so. Nice first week back!


    • Rungry says:

      I don’t mind going to the track and cranking out some short, hard repeats once or twice a week (even though it can be painful in the moment). This is one reason why I’m seriously considering taking a break from distance running after my half marathon and focusing on 5K/10K races. Lifting, however, pretty much only happens when my boyfriend is around to nag me 🙂


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