3M Half Marathon Training: Week 8 and Week 9 (lol)

Happy New Year!  I meant to write this post eons ago in 2014 but as you shall soon see, I’ve been extremely lazy recently.

We left off on December 15th when I vowed to get in some solid training before jetting off to the not-so-frigid Northeast on the 20th (seriously, I think it was colder in Austin for most of the week).  I got in some quality runs that week but cross training and strength work didn’t really happen.

Monday, 12/15: 3.37 easy miles on the elliptical

Tuesday, 12/16: 6 x 800m @ 5K pace (7:19 min/mile) for a total of 5.25 miles on the treadmill after work.  This was really, really fucking hard.  I was at work from something like 7:30 AM-6:30 PM, it was super hot in the gym and I was drenched in sweat before my warm up was over, and I just wanted to go home.  I am generally so bad about running in the evening and this workout only happened because I brought my gym clothes to my office, changed at work, and then headed straight to the gym.  Once I set foot in my apartment at the end of the day I’m not moving.  I don’t think evening workouts will become a mainstay for me but it’s good to know that I can get it done if I plan ahead (even if that means leaving the office in short shorts).

Wednesday, 12/17: 4 miles easy

Thursday, 12/18: I’ve been doing a good amount of track workouts at 5K-10K pace but not a ton of miles at goal half marathon pace…which is not great since I’m, y’know, training for a half marathon.  Enter my first tempo run in, like, a million years.  I did a total of 5.34 miles with 3.73 miles @ HM pace (7:45-8:00 min/mile).  The HM miles were in the middle through a neighborhood with very little traffic, which is nice because I can generally keep an even effort without having to stop for cars.  The downside is that it’s an out and back route with a slight incline the whole way out, which means my pacing can get a little wonky.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 7.24.17 AM

I hit the lap button by mistake when I was 3.61 miles into the tempo portion, so that’s why there are some random 0.61 and 0.13 splits in there.

Aside from the first mile, I was right in my target pace range, so I can’t be too upset.

Friday, 12/19: Getting in a long(ish) run over the weekend was doubtful since we had a morning flight to Philly on Saturday and then a morning bus to NYC on Sunday, so I decided to do 9-10 miles on Friday before work.  I woke up extra early and was greeted with pouring rain.  The first 2 miles were miserable and I seriously considered cutting the run short.  But by mile 3 I realized that I was already drenched and kept going.  I ended up running 9.82 easy miles (average 9:52 pace) in the dark with pouring rain.

Looking SEXY in my "waterproof" jacket

Looking SEXY in my “waterproof” jacket

Saturday, 12/20:  5 easy miles before heading to the airport!

Sunday, 12/21: Planned REST day due to catching an AM bus to NYC!

Total mileage: 29.41 miles running, 3.37 miles elliptical

Onto the next week!  This part of the post will be short…

Monday, 12/22: 3.38 miles from our hotel in Midtown to Central Park, which was a horrible idea.  It was constant stop and go and I was dodging pedestrians the whole time.  I have no idea what my pacing was because my Garmin couldn’t get a signal amidst all of the skyscrapers.

Tuesday, 12/23: I had planned on taking the subway to Central Park for a more proper run but took a rest day after getting sick from bad lox (?) on Monday.

Wednesday, 12/24: 3.76 miles easy through my parents’ neighborhood in the Philly ‘burbs.

Thursday, 12/25: Historically, Christmas has been my favorite day of the year for running.  There are very few cars on the road and the other runners I see are always super happy and friendly.  This was my Daily Mile entry from 12/25/13:

How far the mighty have fallen...

How far the mighty have fallen…

As for running on 12/25/14?  Um…no.  I think a few factors were at play with regard to my laziness this week:

  1. Lots of wine and beer.
  2. There is no way I am going to PR at the 3M Half Marathon later this month, so I am not very motivated to really push myself.
  3. I didn’t set up any type of training schedule for the week of Christmas, which was good because I don’t want running to dictate my vacation but bad because I ended up not really running.
  4. It felt so nice to lie around in pajamas all morning.

Anyway, let’s finish this up:

Friday, 12/26: Does recovering from a food and wine coma count as exercise?

Saturday, 12/27: 3.81 miles easy in my parents’ neighborhood again

Sunday, 12/28: Plans for a long run were scrapped in favor of lounging, waffle eating, packing, and not missing our flight back to Austin.

Total mileage: 10.95 miles running.  Total beers consumed: Not sure it was definitely more than the number of miles I ran.

Getting back to Austin and back to a regular schedule has already helped me return to actual running, and by Thursday I’ve already run more miles this week than I did all of last week.  I’m off work until Monday (yay!) and am looking forward to relaxing at home, doing some serious apartment cleaning, and more running.  Yes.  It will happen.

P.S. I updated my PRs and Goals page! Because running a marathon is so 2014.

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