3M Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Although I still have some annoying cold/allergy symptoms, this week was much, much better than last week.  I think I even ran more miles this week than any other week since my stress fracture!

Monday, 12/8: Easy 4 miles before work (9:49 pace).

Tuesday, 12/9: Since I survived a short easy run, I decided that I could also handle some strength work and 3.5 miles on the elliptical.

Wednesday, 12/10: I went to the track for a new (to me) workout: 4 sets of 800m/400m at 5K pace/10 seconds faster than 5K pace.  My 5K pace from a few weeks ago was 7:20, so my goal times here were 3:40 for the 800m and a little over 1:45 for the 400m.  My actual times were pretty spot on: 3:42/1:47, 3:36/1:48, 3:41/1:47, 3:42, 1:48.  With warm-up/cool down/recovery I hit a total of 5 miles.

Thursday, 12/11: Back to the gym for strength and 3.5 miles on the elliptical.

Friday, 12/12: A less successful track workout of 3 x 1600m at 5K-10K pace, i.e. around 7:30/mile.  Basically, this ended up more like 3 x 1600m at 10K pace: 7:35, 7:39, 7:40.  Plus warm-up/cool down/recovery for a total of 5 miles.

Saturday, 12/1312 miles easy (9:55 pace).  This is definitely not going in my Long Run Hall of Fame.  My stomach felt off for the first 6 miles and I stopped to pee in a super sketchy public bathroom by the trail, which is something I generally try to avoid having to do in the interest of not contracting a horrible disease.  After that I had a Gu and felt a little better but then around mile 11 I had one of the worst cramps of my life.  I’m happy I was able to finish (and at a reasonable pace)–it’s almost a half marathon!– but man, this was a struggle.  While I think my main issue right now is being out of shape, my pre-run nutrition could also use some work.  On Friday night I ate a whole mushroom pizza at the Alamo Drafthouse while watching Nightcrawler (which was quite good, by the way) and on Saturday morning I had coffee and a Clif bar.  Less cheese and more banana and peanut butter toast would have probably done me some favors.

The one good running-related decision I made this weekend was doing my long run on Saturday morning so that I could eat and drink with abandon at my work’s holiday party on Saturday night.  I brought these cookies to the party and they were such a hit that we left with an empty Tupperware and nary a leftover.  Also, my White Elephant contribution was stolen twice because, well, everybody loves bacon.

In conclusion, I don’t mess around when it comes to holiday parties.

Sunday, 12/14: Easy 5.5 miles on the trail (9:59 pace).  I went back to the trail with my phone specifically so I could document these festive succulents that I spotted on Saturday.

So that’s a total of 31.5 miles for the week.  I don’t think it was my best week of training but I at least fulfilled my goals of getting in some strength work and track workouts as it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do either of those next week when we’re in NYC/Philly for the holidays.  This week my goals are pretty much the same except that I’m going to try to do a 9-10 mile run during the work week due to our travel plans over the weekend.  Stay tuned to see how that goes…

If you’re reading this, tell me about the sketchiest place where you’ve peed.

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2 Responses to 3M Half Marathon Training: Week 7

  1. Angela says:

    I don’t think I’ve had any sketchy pee stories since early grade school, but ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE!!! We are getting one two blocks from house pretty soon (they are building it now) & OMG I cannot freaking wait.


    • Rungry says:

      I have a good friend here in Austin who is originally from San Francisco and she told me all about it the last time we went to the Drafthouse! I love some of the special events they do. I went to a boyband singalong on my birthday and was completely hoarse the next day. No shame.


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