3M Half Marathon “training”: Week 6 (lol)

Short version: Mysterious virus + travel —> basically no running at all last week.

Monday, 12/1: REST due to being sick.  I stayed home from work on doctor’s orders to try to get well before flying to Florida for a work conference on Tuesday.  I took one of the Tramadol pills I was prescribed and regretted that decision for the next 24 hours.

Tuesday, 12/2: REST due to illness and travel.  I felt pretty guilty getting on a plane while obviously sick but then the woman sitting next to me announced she was going to get drunk on the flight and proceeded to down multiple Bloody Marys and share her life story with everyone sitting nearby.  So I guess she saved me from being the #1 Most Unpopular Passenger.  I had really good pizza for dinner with my brother in Coral Gables but I can’t remember the name of the place where we ate because I was so out of it.

Wednesday, 12/3: REST due to being up all night coughing.  The minute my work activities were over I walked to the nearest pharmacy to stock up on NyQuil and cough drops.

Thursday, 12/4: REST due to being in a NyQuil induced daze in the morning and chillin’ with my bro at night.  We went to a University of Miami basketball game, which was really fun (especially because they won).  I used to go to Villanova games with my dad since their stadium is within walking distance of my parents’ house.  I think this was the first game I’d gone to since moving to Texas and I’d forgotten how much I like watching college basketball.  My brother also kindly drove me to a Total Wine and More so I could bring some souvenirs home for the Gentleman:

2014-12-04 17.05.05

Friday, 12/5: My brother had stuff to do in the morning so I sat around his house answering work emails and reading and playing with his puppy.

Puppy snuggles

Puppy snuggles

I also an easy 2.5 miles around his neighborhood and it was…not enjoyable.  Generally I love running in new places– lots of pretty houses to look at in Coral Gables!– but the humidity combined with my nasal congestion made it hard to breathe comfortably, so I cut this one short.

We went to Versailles for lunch (where I also ate with the Gentleman in April) at my request so I could get a delicious Cuban sandwich.

2014-12-05 15.07.22

And a cafe con leche:

2014-12-05 15.33.38

Saturday, 12/6REST due to not wanting to deal with the humidity/feeling zonked out from NyQuil again.  Ate a delicious Belgian waffle and drove around Miami Beach instead.  No regrets.

2014-12-06 13.40.43

When I got home on Saturday night I was coughing a lot and feeling super sniffly again.  On Sunday, 12/7 I thought about going running but the Gentleman suggested I REST instead.  So I spent the day doing laundry, snuggling with the Feline, and taking care of some stuff around the house.  And I think it was exactly what I needed to do.  Aside from Monday, my other “rest days” involved a lot of rushing around and plane rides and sitting in a really cold conference room.  This whole month has been pretty crazy with lots of extra work hours and traveling to California and Florida…and we’re traveling again to Philadelphia and New York in less than 2 weeks for the holidays.  I’m going to make an extra effort this week and next to get in some quality speed work (since it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do any while we’re away) but also to sleep enough and manage my stress levels, which have been pretty high recently.  Easier said than done, of course, but that’s the plan.

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3 Responses to 3M Half Marathon “training”: Week 6 (lol)

  1. Angela says:

    Yeah, running & traveling aren’t really friends. I feel pretty proud of myself if I travel somewhere & manage to run at all. Hope you’re feeling better!


    • Rungry says:

      Still have some cold symptoms but definitely doing better than last week, thanks. Although my ordeal is nothing compared to what you went through with your tooth!


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