3M Half Marathon training: Week 2

I’m a few days late with this post because, as predicted, last week got a little crazy.  On the upside, at least I’ve got real blog content now that I’m actually training for something!

Obviously nothing is more interesting in the blogosphere than my training recaps.

Monday, 11/3: 4 miles (easy pace) on the track

Tuesday, 11/4Planned rest day to coincide with a 12 hour work day

Wednesday, 11/5: Workout of 2 x 1600m at 10K pace done on the treadmill due to pouring rain.  I don’t know how fast I can run a 10K right now (might be time to sign up for a shorter race to see where my speed’s at…) so I somewhat arbitrarily decided that 7.9 mph/7:35 pace seemed like a good target.  I did 1200m @ 10 min pace warm up, 2 x 1600m @ 7:35 pace with 800m recovery @ 10 min pace, 1200m @ 10 min pace cool down  for a total of 4 miles.

Then I drove to the airport during rush hour in the middle of a rainstorm (workout #2) and spent the afternoon walking around San Diego (workout #3).  Don’t worry, I’ll detail my San Diego shenanigans in more detail in another post.

Thursday, 11/6: I was feeling a little beat up from the treadmill and all of the walking on Wednesday so I did 2.6 easy miles on the elliptical in the hotel gym.  I spent the day in meetings and then took a cab to hotel #2 for conference #2.

Friday, 11/75 x 800m @ 5K pace on the treadmill in the gym at hotel #2 (which, in case you’re curious, was nicer than the gym at hotel #1).  I decided that 8.3 mph/7:13 pace sounded good for the repeats because…I don’t know but I think I should probably sign up for a shorter race to see where my speed’s at.  (I don’t have a release date yet for my single “Where My Speed’s At” but I can tell you that the tune sounds a little like this). Anyway…I did 1200m warmup @ 10 min pace, 5 x 800m @ 7:13 pace with 400m recovery @ 10 min pace, 1200m cool down @ 10 min pace for a total of 5 miles.  This was definitely one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a long time.  But that moment when a guy at your conference comes up to you and says “Hey, did I see you flying on the treadmill this morning?” Priceless.

Saturday, 11/8: Improvised a run along the San Diego bay which ended up being an easy 4.82 miles.  Emphasis on “easy” because I stopped to take pictures several times.  Usually I don’t carry my phone with me on runs, let alone stop to take pictures of the dead squirrels in the road or jerks walking in the innermost lane of the track that are the highlights of my runs at home.  But I make an exception when I’m running somewhere new and exciting.

Sunday, 11/9: This was supposed to be my “long” run of 7 miles but I ended up taking an unplanned rest day due to a) being exhausted after getting back to Austin at 1 AM and b) the Gentleman being the sickest I’ve ever seen him.  Thankfully, he’s pretty much back to normal now but there was a possibility at one point that I’d need to take him to the ER, so I pretty much stayed at home all day to do laundry and take care of him.

Total: 18 miles running, 2.6 miles elliptical.  Definitely a step down from last week due to skipping the 7-miler but I got in 2 tough treadmill workouts and feel like my speed is coming back.  (“Speed” being relative, of course).

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