The Great Flood of 2014

Two posts in one week?!

Yeah, I don’t know what’s gotten into me either. But I do know that I have to write about all the drama that went down in our apartment in Austin while we were 1200 miles away in Chicago.

Early on Friday night– when I was well into the cocktail hour portion of a wedding reception– I got a phone call from my friend in Austin who was checking in on the Feline while we were out of town. I immediately excused myself and went out into the hallway where I could (sort of) escape the loud music.

“What’s going on? Did he throw up? Did he pee in the bathtub?”

(The Feline will occasionally pee over the bathtub drain when he deems the litter box unsuitable. It’s annoying but I have to give him credit for being considerate.)

“No, he’s fine…but the rugs are all wet.”

“So he peed on the rugs?”

(“That little rascal,” I thought. “He’s getting us back for leaving him for three days.”)

“No, no– he used the litter box. This looks like water. The rugs are soaked. I don’t know where it came from.”

Then I remembered that I’d seen on the news that morning that Austin got 6 inches of rain overnight.

We live in a ground floor apartment.

And we’ve been like totally meaning to get renters insurance for like forever but we just kinda kept forgetting about it.

I asked my friend if she could relocate the laptop chargers and any other electronic stuff that was on the floor. I thanked her profusely and then left a message on the emergency maintenance line for our complex.

The Gentleman was being gentlemanly and mingling and having fun with other wedding guests. I had the fun job of bursting his bubble by telling him the news about our apartment. He was like this:

And I was like this:

I spent the rest of the reception playing phone tag with various maintenance personnel. Basically, I just wanted someone to check out the apartment, tell me the extent of the damage, and confirm that it wasn’t continuing to flood. Because unfortunately, this was the only eyewitness:

2014-06-14 10.42.29-2

And I think we can all agree he’s not very credible.

A few hours later I got a call from a maintenance man who went into the apartment and said that the carpets were wet but that there didn’t appear to be any real damage and the water didn’t go past our living/dining area and into the bedrooms, which was good because that meant all of the Gentleman’s fancy musical and computing stuff was safe.

On Saturday my friend and her husband hung the rugs outside so they could dry out and possibly be functional again. They also cleaned up any remaining puddles on the floor. We’re taking them out to the movies this afternoon because seriously, they went way above and beyond the typical cat sitting duties.

I could feel my blood pressure rising as we pulled up to our building on Sunday afternoon. My friend had said everything seemed fine aside from the rugs but we were still nervous about the extent of the damage.

Thankfully, the only casualty seems to have been the charger for my old laptop, and I’m not even sure if it died from the water or if it was just old. Someone from maintenance brought by a dehumidifying unit on Monday which we left running for about 48 hours. The slight scent of mildew we came home to on Sunday is gone and there’s no evidence of toxic mold or anything growing on the floorboards. We were pretty lucky.

In conclusion, if you are renting, get renters insurance. (And read the fine print because you might need separate insurance for flooding).

I promise no more PSAs for a long time. Here are two GIFs the Gentleman sent me this morning:



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3 Responses to The Great Flood of 2014

  1. kilax says:

    Oh gosh! I am so happy that it didn’t turn out to be that bad and that you had people there to help! The GIFs of your reactions are cracking me up!


    • Rungry says:

      We were really lucky there was someone coming by to check on the cat. Otherwise we probably would have come home to a really bad smell and moldy rugs.


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