Post #25: In which I continue to not run

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that I started a blog about running right around the same time I gave myself a stress fracture that has severely limited my running for most of the aforementioned blog’s existence?

I had my long awaited MRI on Friday, 6/27. It was unpleasant. I’ve had more closed MRIs than I can count thanks to that pesky cerebral hemorrhage when I was 24  but this one–even though it was open and without contrast–was worse because I had to focus so hard on not moving my leg. The technician put sandbags around it for stabilizing but I still felt myself involuntarily twitch every so often, which then lead to an internal freakout over whether I’d ruined everything. When it was over I was like this:

The doctor told me his office would give a call within 3 business days, so when I hadn’t heard anything on Thursday I decided to give them a call. A few hours later one of the front desk staff called with the groundbreaking news that I have a stress fracture.

So what I learned from the MRI and my 30 second phone call with the receptionist is the following:

  • I have a stress fracture.
  • I should not do high impact activities such as running.
  • I am seeing the doctor again in a month.

(I really wish this information had been conveyed by an actual medical professional but I guess that was probably too much to ask for on the afternoon right before the 4th of July weekend.)

So I’m still indefinitely on my boring 100% cross-training plan which is so boring it barely even merits a mention on my already boring and neglected “running” blog. And my race calendar is completely empty now since a July half marathon doesn’t fit into the boring 100% cross-training plan and I was supposed to start training for my November marathon last week. I won’t be running again until the beginning of August (at the earliest) and I can’t imagine I’d be able to do any double digit runs until late September (again– at the earliest), which  doesn’t leave much time for 20+ mile long runs and a taper. If I had any previous experience running marathons or if I were a hardcore #motherrunner I might feel more comfortable ramping up my training…but ramping up my training too fast in March is also probably what got me to where I am now:

Besides my boring 100% cross-training plan, I’ve been busy watching the World Cup (VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA), baking, and planning our trip to Chicago in 10 days, yeeeeeaaaaah and our trip to Location TBD in August. I made this fruit pizza on the 4th but changed up the berries, used vanilla frosting instead of cream cheese because the Gentleman is a cream cheese frosting hating loser, and reduced the brown sugar by a bit to compensate for the sweetness of my store bought frosting:

2014-07-04 11.53.30Next up is the Union Jack or the Swiss flag (so my square pan can get some love). The Gentleman was disappointed when I told him the Nepalese flag is out of the question.

My mom visited us a few weekends ago. This was her 4th time in Austin, so it’s starting to get a little challenging to come up with new things to do. We found some cool free stuff in Austin such as the Elisabet Ney Museum and Austin Symphony Concerts in the Park. We also spent a day in San Antonio and did the Alamo, Spanish Governor’s Palace, and the former Museo Alameda.

2014-06-20 15.07.58

Garden at the Elisabet Ney Museum

The scenic route to San Antonio.

The scenic route to San Antonio.

So that is What Has Been Up. As I won’t be doing any running for the next month (at least), I’m not sure what I will have to say here. The World Cup semi-finals and final are this week, so maybe I can rant about all of the crazy things that have happened during this cup. Biting! Broken vertebra! WATERMELON HEAD FROM MY NIGHTMARES:

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6 Responses to Post #25: In which I continue to not run

  1. Alyssa says:

    No offense but I have a serious distrust of people who don’t like cream cheese frosting. Love can overcome all obstacles though. That sucks about the stress fracture, obviously, but at least you have a clear diagnosis? Just trying to look on the slightly less sucky side. So many things in life would be improved by being a #motherrunner.


    • Rungry says:

      Since I don’t have pain when I’m walking, I don’t need to get a boot, so that’s definitely good!

      The Gentleman doesn’t like anything with cheese, which was definitely concerning to me when we first started dating. Your apprehension is warranted as far as I’m concerned. If make pizza it has to have a demilitarized zone in the middle because god forbid a bit of cheese touch his pepperoni.


  2. Ben says:

    I hope you heal fast so you can get back to running! I had a stress fracture a couple years ago, before I started running, so I feel your pain. Keep up on the cross training! Good luck!


    • Rungry says:

      Thank you! Congrats on the recent half marathon. I would love to run a race in the Twin Cities sometime. A bunch of people I know have gone to school in the area and I’ve had a great time on all of my visits.


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