Breakin’ 2: Stress Fracturaloo

This movie is such an experience.

On Wednesday afternoon I had my 2nd follow-up appointment regarding the stress fracture in my left shin. It went as I expected it would go:

  • The discomfort I’m having could be related to continued swelling as the bone heals itself. Or it could be that the fracture was more significant than the initial x-ray showed.
  • I am scheduled for an MRI next Friday. In retrospect, I wish the doctor had sent me for an MRI a month or two ago so that I wouldn’t have started running again on what might still be a fractured bone.

  • I am back on the “no running until further notice” training plan. The Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon in July has about a 1% chance of happening for me and the Philadelphia Marathon in November has a let’s-wait-and-see-what-the-MRI-has-to-say % chance.
  • If it turns out the fracture is bad I may need to revisit the possibility of a boot.

Just like these boots.

At the end of the appointment my doctor asked if I had any questions and I said I didn’t since none of this was very surprising news for me. He said he was glad to not disappoint and sent me on my way.

Thankfully, so far I haven’t had much time to dwell on my lack of future running plans. After my appointment on Wednesday the Gentleman and I went off to our fancypants dinner at Uchiko. We got there early enough for the sake social hour, so we ended up splitting a bunch of small plates for dinner:

  • Yokai berry (probably my favorite since I love salmon and kale #sohealthy)
  • Machi ringo (also very good)
  • Avocado nigiri x 2 (liiiiittle spicy for me and the pieces were a bit too large to eat in one bite, which made for some awkward spills)
  • Pork ribs (the meat just slid right off the bone and OH MY GOD SO GOOD)
  • P-38 hand roll (tasty but difficult to split between 2 people it was literally a roll the size of one’s hand)


Thursday was a busy day at work followed by a trip to the airport to pick up my mom, who is visiting until Monday! So far our adventures have included lots of ice cream and neighborhood cat sightings, which are the foundation of quality family bonding as far as I’m concerned. Once she leaves I will have more free time on my hands to stress out about my leg and my life will probably look like this:


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2 Responses to Breakin’ 2: Stress Fracturaloo

  1. Alyssa says:

    Oh no I am SOOO sorry! Drink all the sake. And wine. And enjoy sleeping late! That’s my favorite part of not running. Fingers crossed that you don’t need the boot!


    • RungryRungry says:

      Work will likely foil any attempts to sleep late but I guess one upside of not having any races coming up is that I can drink on Saturday nights with abandon since I don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock on Sundays!


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