Not Quite Back on Track (Yet)

I know the pun in the post title is terrible. I like puns. Sorry I’m not sorry.

This morning I did my first track workout since April 1st which, per my entry on Daily Mile, is the day when the pain in my left shin really started.  And I went ahead and ran 2 races anyway because alas, I was so young and innocent back then.

Today’s workout was successful in the sense that I was able to finish it and had minimal stiffness in my left shin.

On the other hand, it’s a lot harder to hit your target paces after two months of minimal running.

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

My plan was the following:

  • 1200m warm-up
  • 2 x 800m @ half marathon pace (approximately 7:45 min/mile or 3:52-3 per repeat)
  • 2 x 800m @ 10K pace (7:20 min/mile, i.e. 3:40 per repeat)
  • 400m recovery between repeats
  • 1200m cool-down

…for a grand total of 4.25 miles.

Here’s how the intervals went down:

  • 2 x 800m @ half marathon pace: ??? and 3:53. I messed up the lap function on the first repeat, because apparently forgetting how to use your Garmin is another thing that happens when you don’t do speed work for 2 months.
  • 2 x 800m @ 10K pace. 3:46, 3:46

Half marathon pace felt hard but not impossible. While I wouldn’t be able to hold that pace for 13.1 miles right now, I definitely could have gone for a mile or two.

Trying to run my 10K pace from 2 months ago, on the other hand, was basically impossible. I felt like I was sprinting. In short, it sucked.




  • Barring some sort of shin-related disaster, I will probably re-attempt this workout next week. It was depressing to see how much speed I’ve lost but I’m fairly confident I can bounce back.
  • I went to the gym Wednesday night and did an easy 3 miles (plus some easy miles on the elliptical). When I was in better shape running-wise this probably wouldn’t affect me too much the next day but right now I definitely need more recovery time.
  • After 4 years in Austin I’m definitely starting to develop allergies like everyone else who has lived here awhile. Zyrtec is the only OTC med I’ve tried that doesn’t making me sleepy but I need to remember to take it consistently. I doubt the allergies help my running.
  • Even though I messed up my Garmin during the first repeat, I did do one thing right during this workout, and that was to figure out my target 800m times before heading to the track. This didn’t end up like the workout a few months ago when I got it into my head that 800m at a 10K pace of 7:20 should be done in 3:20 because math, duh. Long story short, it was painful.

So, onward and upward. While my workout left a lot to be desired, there was cake at work today, so that kind of made up for everything. Because I was feeling snarky I posted a picture on Instagram and tagged it with stuff like #lowcarb and #paleo and then a bunch of random people with usernames like xoxo_paleo_lover liked my picture, so now I’m not sure if no one gets my sense of humor or if hardcore paleo people are way more self-deprecating that I’d thought.

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4 Responses to Not Quite Back on Track (Yet)

  1. I really think you did great! You weren’t that far from your target pace, considering two months without speed work, you’ll be back on target in a couple of workouts at most!


    • Rungry says:

      Thanks a lot for the encouragement. You know, I was thinking about your recent post on time trials and how running the same distance or workout from week to week and seeing improvement can be really motivating. Hopefully that will happen when I do this workout again next week!


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