May 26th-June 1st “Training”

Last week I did 37 miles total– 14 walking/running, 21 cycling, and 2 on the elliptical.

Monday, 5/26 (Memorial Day): 3(ish) miles running/walking. The Gentleman did Couch to 5K a few years ago but never really got excited about running and quit after he finished the program. He recently expressed some boredom with his gym workouts (which are 99% comprised of weightlifting) so I suggested we head down to the trail and start by alternating 5 minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking. He didn’t try to kill me every time I told him it was time to start running again and my left shin didn’t snap in two when we ran on a paved section so I’d say this was pretty successful.

Tuesday, 5/27: Rest

Wednesday, 5/28: My original plan was to go to the gym and warm up on the elliptical prior to running on the treadmill for a few miles. However, when I got to the gym there was another member standing outside unable to use his keycard. Mine didn’t work either, and since there was no one inside the gym yet, it didn’t seem like a gym workout was going to happen. So instead I went to the track and ran approximately 3 miles @ easy pace. (I say “approximately” because I didn’t have my Garmin and lost track of my laps because I have trouble counting past 4 or 5…).

Thursday, 5/29: Thankfully, the issue with the keycard scanner at the gym was fixed (turned out it was messed up after losing power during a thunderstorm). I did what has become my weekly interval workout on the bike: 1 mile warm-up, 4 x 2 miles @ hard effort with 1 mile recovery, 1 mile cool down for 13 miles total.

Friday, 5/30: Ran 3.5 miles easy(ish) on the track. Once again, this turned into more of a progression run than an easy run because my mile splits were 8:52, 8:30, 8:10, 8:14 for the last .5.

Saturday, 5/31: Pretty unexciting 8.37 miles on the bike and 2.22 miles on the elliptical.

Sunday, 6/1: Went to the trail with the Gentleman again except this time I ran ahead while took walk breaks and turned around to meet him when it was about time for him to run again. I did a total of 4.09 miles non-stop running, which is a post-injury distance PR.

Random running thoughts:

  • I’m still failing to establish any sort of a strength training routine. I’m not sure if I should be more concerned about this.
  • I might try to run intervals on the track sometime this week. Nothing too crazy, maybe just a few 800m repeats at half marathon or 10K pace. If anything, I just want to make running on the track slightly more interesting than it feels when I’m running around and around at a mostly constant pace.

Random random thoughts:

  • Does anyone reading this use Springpad? Are you also devastated that it’s shutting down?! I guess I’ll have to switch back to Evernote for my miscellaneous Internet bookmarking. I don’t think I’m sufficiently social or wedding-obsessed to be on Pinterest.
  • A few months ago I took the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire and was unsurprised to learn that I am “moderate early type” sleeper, i.e. I go to bed at moderately earlier time than most. This part of the analysis really resonated:

You are a moderate early type. This chronotype sometimes gets too little sleep on free days: the social environment lures moderate early types into staying up later at night than their biological clock would prefer, yet they still awaken in the morning, under the control of their biological clock, at their usual early hour.

SO TRUE. This is why I always feel horrendous on New Year’s Day if I stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s not the alcohol consumption, it’s my chronotype!

  • In less than 3 months I’m going to be THIRTY. Yikes. Time to buckle down and start working towards my goal of owning a country house with lots of cats (which I will name The St. McWhiskers Home for Wayward Felines).
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3 Responses to May 26th-June 1st “Training”

  1. kilax says:

    Ha! Love the house name!

    WTG on the post injury PDR 😉

    My husband is getting back in to running and doing the run/walk thing. I am so proud of him! Hope our guys keep it up!

    Well, you know what I think about the strength training, lol 😉


  2. Alyssa says:

    That’s how my husband started out (couch to 5K) and he sort of got hooked for awhile!

    30 is awesome. Don’t believe the hype and horror stories.

    This is the wrong place to do this but I couldn’t find your email, my mom said the cupcakes were just a random coconut cupcake recipe, homemade lemon curd recipe, and whipped cream – basically she just invented the combo and then googled!


    • Rungry says:

      Thanks so much for getting back to me! Email is rungryblog [at] gmail [dot] com, which I just realized I should probably stick somewhere on my homepage. But maybe I will go ahead Google coconut and lemon and see what I find because I’ve stumbled on some great recipes that way!


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