Stress Fracture Update: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Note: I totally meant to post this on Tuesday night.  But then I had a full glass of wine and…yeah.  I don’t even have a an excuse for Wednesday night beyond laziness and season 3 of Daria on Amazon Prime.

On Tuesday morning I had my follow-up appointment with the sports medicine doctor. Here is what went down, as told through Breaking Bad gifs:

The Good: I’m pretty much pain free when I’m walking around or using the bike or elliptical at the gym.  The doctor said this was promising. He felt around my shin and I felt a little pain when he pressed down right on the fracture but was otherwise fine.  He cleared me to run for a maximum of 10 minutes on 3 days this week and then to gradually add mileage at roughly 10% per week. If I feel pain, I should stop running. He was optimistic about my ability to run the Philly Marathon in November and maybe the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon in July. (I will be in town for a wedding that weekend, so I was considering some race options outside of the Central Texas Deathly Summer Heat). He said I don’t need a follow-up appointment unless I’m not getting any better. He wished me well and sent me on my merry way. At this point I was like this:

The Bad: I’ve never been as excited to go to the gym as I was on Tuesday evening.  Since I can’t do much running, I figured I would use the elliptical before and after my glorious 10 minutes on the treadmill to get more of a workout.  After 15 minutes or so on the elliptical I hopped onto a treadmill, set the speed at a very easy pace (6.0 mph)…and almost immediately started to have the same discomfort I was having in early April prior to when I stopped running. It wasn’t painful but it definitely felt off. I ended up running for 400m, walking for 400m, running at 6.7 mph for 400m–which maybe felt a little better only because it was closer to my typical easy pace–and then finished up with another 400m of walking.

So yeah. That was discouraging.

Oh Ted…

The Ugly: Per the doctor, this may take up to six months to fully heal.

And the way I felt on Tuesday makes me suspect I have a good amount of healing left to go. If I don’t see any improvement in roughly 2 weeks I’ll call the doctor again and he’ll probably request an MRI.

The Bottom Line: I’m really just trying to take this one day at a time right now and not think about races that are months away. If I think about racing I am more likely to push myself too hard and just end up back where I started (or worse).   I may try a little running on the track this weekend but otherwise I’ll be sticking to cross-training for now. And maybe picking up some new hobbies.

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3 Responses to Stress Fracture Update: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

  1. Aaron Cooper says:

    That doesn’t sound fun. Keep up the cross training if you can and your future (healed) self will thank you for the maintained fitness. Good luck!


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