Workouts, recently

On Tuesday I wrote about what I haven’t been doing recently. (Answer: running).  Here is a run down (pun so not intended) of what I have been doing. And I’m going to keep it short because a) I have to get ready for work and b) it’s pretty darn boring.

This is also all on my Daily Mile, which you can follow if you wish. I know Daily Mile is supposed to be all about social networking for athletes but I just use it because I’ve been using it off and on for years and it makes it easy to track the mileage on my running shoes.

My last run was April 13th (the Austin 10/20 race) and I went to the doctor on April 15th. I didn’t do any physical activity at all for several days because I was freaking out about the shin pain and I was really slammed at work trying to get stuff done before I left for Florida.

On our first full day in Florida we went for a 3-4 mile walk by the water. Walking feels OK if I wear running shoes or a pair of black Puma flats (similar pair here) that I bought a few years ago and now wear almost every day, even to work. We also bought passes to a local gym where I used the elliptical twice. It felt good to get a bit active and sweaty but I would have much preferred to be outside:

I was so jealous of the runners I saw.

I was so jealous of the runners I saw when we were walking.

I didn’t have a gym membership prior to this injury, so back in Austin I’ve been using the free trial passes at all of the gyms within a reasonable distance from my apartment.  In addition to the elliptical, I’ve been using the bike. If I play with the resistance and focus on maintaing a certain speed, I find that I can get a much more intense workout than I can with the elliptical.

I’m holding out on spending money on a gym membership or aqua jogging belt until my follow-up appointment with the sports medicine doctor in 4 days. If he clears me to run, I probably won’t be able to run very much, so further cross training will be in my future no matter what. But I figured I would wait as long as possible before spending $$$.

Also, during my time away from running I went and joined Instagram. Because what the world needs right now more than anything is pictures of my cat.

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2 Responses to Workouts, recently

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey, it always sucks to hear about another injured runner! Save yourself $100 and make your own pool running belt – I made one a few weeks ago and it worked great. The gist is you tie a pool noodle around your waist, but check it out here if you want more details:

    Hope the shin heals up for you!


    • Rungry says:

      I absolutely hate pool running (haven’t done it since high school when my coach made us do it) but if the doctor tells me I still can’t do actual running I guess I’ll have to suck it up. Thanks for the tip!


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