10 miles

I’m running my third 10 mile race tomorrow. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have a specific time goal for it but I think I should be able to run in the 1:17-1:18 range barring unforeseen disasters. In the past 24 hours I’ve consumed a margarita, frozen yogurt, and a quesadilla (among other things), so I’m not exactly taking this one super seriously. And it’s a nice feeling, actually. After working pretty hard for my 10K PR last week, it feels good to be more relaxed and zen before this race.

Although I’ve only run two other 10 mile races, I think I can say that I enjoy this race distance. 5Ks feel like running painfully hard for a short distance, 10Ks feel like running painfully hard for a short distance x 2, but once I get past 8+ miles I feel like it’s a lot easier to pace myself.

I enjoyed writing about my past 10Ks last week, so here are brief synopses of my previous 10 mile races:

1) 2010 Broad Street Run (1:22:22, 8:14 pace)

This race is in May in Philadelphia, and in 2010 it fell on the first really hot day of the year. I forget how hot it actually got but I definitely remember seeing runners dropping out or being escorted by medical personnel off the course. I just dug through my email archives and found this weather advisory that they sent out the day before the race:

Due to the predicted forecast and the fact that most of you have not been training in these type of conditions we are urging all of you to take the proper precautions relating to this situation.  We cannot make decisions for you when you are the only one who knows how you feel.   We are urging you to hydrate prior to race day and on race morning.   The race is making extra preparations relating to the conditions and we hope that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Runners are advised that on the race course fire hydrants will be used as sprinklers to keep the runners cooled down.  Runners are urged to use the sprinklers along the course and to drink the water provided at the water stations.  It is important that the runners must understand that the amount of cups provided are for the entire field of runners.  It is up to you to respect your fellow runners and only take one cup at a time at the water stations.  Those of you who feel the urge to take large amounts of water are only putting yourselves at risk for over-hydration and are depriving your fellow runners of much need water along the way.  Please realize that we have increased the calculations of our cup distribution and water supply to try to meet your needs.  However, we cannot control your personal actions on the race course.  You must be responsible for how you feel during the event.  Medical teams are on high alert and our volunteers have been instructed to rise to the challenge.
Runners should plan to run at a slower pace and to slow down or stop if they become disoriented on the race course.  Fellow runners are urged to contact the nearest medical personnel, police or race staff along the course in the event of a down runner.

Yikes! I think my biggest problem during this race was that I started out way too fast and really struggled at the end. Some of it may have been the unfortunate weather conditions but I really only have myself to blame for running the first mile in something like 7:15 when I definitely had no business trying run anything under 7:45.

2) 2013 Run for the Water (1:19:02, 7:54 pace)

Not sure why I'm staring at my feet

Not sure why I’m staring at my feet

This is a great race I ran in Austin last October. I really wanted to break 1:20 or at least run faster than my time from Broad Street three years’ prior. The race was a bit rainy (cue lots of water jokes) but there weren’t any major downpours, so if anything the weather was refreshing. There are a lot of rolling hills during the middle miles, so I held back during the first half of the race (40:44 for the first 5 miles). It’s not an easy course but it has some great views and the last few miles are mostly downhill or flat, which you can use to your advantage if you don’t burn out on the earlier hills. I definitely plan on running this again.

Unfortunately this weekend involves some trips to the office, so I’m off to take care of some work. I’ll be back tomorrow with a race recap, assuming I don’t get stuck at work forever or drink too much post-race beer.

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